The making of The disrobing of Jesus Christ’ painting by V.Kelly

Am interpreting the Disrobing of Christ in Tradigital Art. (A traditional sketch enhanced in Photoshop). />The disrobing of Christ’
WIP 1 Image
First I block in the figure with a very rough sketch, on a rough paper sketchpad A4
WIP 2  Image
Then I spent a good few hours on the detail. So keeping to the style of the Master,sketched the eyes looking heavenward with long fingers and toes(as he does).

WIP 3 – close up detail – Image

I am thinking of painting more figures at a later date into a compilation of a large painting.
But the next step is to paint over in my digital studio.

WIP 4 –  Image
Added more detail to the drawing. Upped the contrast/ tone and then got ready to paint.
First I unlock the background layer so I can paint over the new layers without worrying about overlapping. I use the three skin tones to block in with (on multiply for transparency and normal for opacity) with my blending brush 63 with the smudge finger. Every colour must have a different layer. Blending is important the longer you take the better! Now am going on to the smudge tool softening and blending the hair and beard. Now I add red and blue to the skin tones and highlights. Using many more layers with the burning, dodging & mixing tools. I paint a background on canvas to portray the roman interior, then put on His halo.

Detail –   close-up

FINAL –  The disrobing of Jesus Christ
The disrobing of Jesus Christ; by V.Kelly


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