Lapiz Azul’ abstract painting

My heart and soul onto canvas for you’  –  Art from my heART  ♥


Through my original abstract organic artworks I try to encapture the light, harmonious energies, colours and rhythms of nature.  My paintings evolve through the process of using textures, paints and Palette knife.

Lapiz Azul’ by V.Kelly   16″ x 16″ Acrylic on canvas

There are many layers of best quality artists Acrylic paint so it will appear to change when viewed in different light. The main colours are a moody mix of blues and the brown earth colours with some palette knife work and texture.

Lapiz azul
Lapiz azul

In this art piece I wanted to portray the ever changing river under the vast Norfolk skies that are so beautifully lit and reflected in the flowing river below. So the main colours are shimmering  blues  with some palette knife work and texture. An atmospheric, abstract landscape full of neutral, earthy tones, subtle blues and warm and comforting gold.

The river is always an inspiration and I love working with abstract forms to portray the myriad of emotion it stirs.





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