“SOLD! Pegasus’ with thanx to the buyer :-)


Source: “Pegasus’…” Metal Prints by Valerie Anne Kelly | Redbubble

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“A horse called Copper’…” by Valerie Anne Kelly | Redbubble

“A horse called Copper’…” by Valerie Anne Kelly | Redbubble.

A horse called Copper

This is my latest horse painted on my Wacom Bamboo Tablet. A most exciting era for creating art,with numerous digital tools at our disposal. In the new 3D studio,it is limitless to what us artists can achieve in this new age of technology! The future is here! we are in the third dimension* Pioneering Art from the heART ♥

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Silver Manes by Valerie Anne Kelly

Silver Manes by Valerie Anne Kelly.

 Photography Prints