The Last Shieldmaiden

The Last Shieldmaiden by Graham John Kelly
The Last Shieldmaiden
by Graham John Kelly

The White Isles lay under siege as the war rages. Five brave adventurers have a quest to complete. Whilst evading the omnipotence of the legions of undead armies. Controlled by dark magus and arch-sorceresses. Many have ventured prior to them to awaken the Witch of Winter Wood – no one has ever returned. Though, they never sent Shieldmaidens of Light before!

Rel examined the landscape; her chin raised. Her bright eyes refused to blink against the harsh wind. She held herself with a relaxed but distinct manner; poised for danger, primed to end combat efficiently and effectively. She was a warrior – he could see it in her stoic bearing.


I promise you won’t be able to put this book down if you love an enthralling fantasy adventure!
A Good Read – A Must Read…