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Paddy Pumpkin & Prof’: The enchanted forest eBook: Mrs Valerie Anne Kelly: Kindle Store
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Children´s book

A children’s fun adventure about three gnomes living in an enchanted forest. The story is all in rhyme with an enchanted Tree, a Witch, a Castle and a Unicorn. The fight of three good gnomes against the wicked witch overcoming the darkside. 
Moral of the story is: Good overcomes evil



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The shield maiden #Lagertha from the Vikings T.V series brought about inspiration for this very loosely themed (Viking) dark fantasy book 800 pages 18+

The Last Shieldmaiden by Graham John Kelly
#1 Best Seller in #Norse #Viking #Mythology

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Female Warriors

The word hoplite (Greek: ὁπλίτης ) is the name for the type of shield the warriors used.

Hoplite female warrior
A purported group of fighting women are the legendary Amazons, Spartans recorded in Classical Greek mythology. Similarly, the Valkyrie are depicted in Norse mythology. During the Viking Age female warriors were called skjaldmær, or Shieldmaiden.

The shield maiden Lagertha from the Vikings T.V series inspired this ongoing saga – because it really did happen! White blonde Scandinavian eyes and blonde hair did not exist anywhere else on the planet during the Viking raids in the 700s. I can only imagine it must have given one pause. The same with the Greek Hoplite and Spartan women warriors – most likely causing their would be attackers a shocked demise.


5.0 out of 5 stars Totally gripping, once I started I couldn’t put it down. Easily rivals Game of Thrones. Looking forward to more material from this exciting new author. Recommended for all fantasy lovers.
4 July 2018
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Dark Fantasy, lust/love ( unrequited) for beautiful female warriors – and a 750 page long quest to complete!
With book two – three – ten! In the making (This is War – This will not end easily) The Shieldmaidens have never dealt with enemies of ancient lore in the past!
18-35 age group.
RPG game inspired, Vampires, Zombies = Undead ;that understand how to swing a sword and parry) – ‘Boy’s love books’ ‘Low Fantasy’ ‘Dark Fantasy’ category. – Media tie in of TV series and RPG games.
Vikings T.V series.
The Walking Dead T.V series.
Oblivion/Skyrim Elder Scrolls type games. Wow+!

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Four shield maidens and a brave adventurer lead this dark fantasy quest driven story.
Escape the mundane humdrum existence of your life, with this fabulous epic book.
Great to read travelling and on your holidays!

A rollercoaster ride of emotions, I promise… you won’t be able to put it down.

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