White Horses



This limited edition Disk, designed byΒ Valerie Anne Kelly, comes with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity. Printed on a .045” thick aluminum sheet, this print is crisp, high gloss, lightweight, and water resistant. It comes with a proprietary 1/2″ aluminum shadow mount allowing for easy installation.


Also Available on Framed Print/Canvas/Aluminum



The Andalusian, also known as the Pure Spanish Horse or PRE (Pura Raza EspaΓ±ola), is a horse breed from the Iberian Peninsula, where its ancestors have lived for thousands of years.

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Wild Mustangs on the run


Wild Mustangs on the run’ an equine painting byΒ V.Kelly

Wild Mustangs painting

Wild Mustangs painting


This painting is dedicated to the wild mustangs of Nevada. Their plight was brought to my attention by my friend Shiloh, who calls them her precious souls. Sadly the severe drought this year has caused extra hardship for these great American icons.

They are an icon of the American West and a symbol of the country’s frontier history, but now hundreds of mustang horses face slaughter due to overpopulation.
Under existing laws the government pays ranchers to take in thousands of these ‘wild’ horses a year in order to keep population numbers down. Mustangs are not an indigenous species to America and are known to have an adverse affect on natural ecosystems.
The current system of managing these threats has been in place since 1971 but now rising feed costs has resulted in a growing number of American ranchers refusing to take on mustangs.




Horses In A Pearly Mist by Valerie Anne Kelly

Horses In A Pearly Mist by Valerie Anne Kelly

Dancing through the pearly mist,eyes aglow in the soft dawn light.
Glistening coats kissed by starry dew,adorning the Blue blood’s flight.

Source: Horses In A Pearly Mist by Valerie Anne Kelly