He is Risen


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He is risen by valzartGrande Canvas Print – 33.2″ X 48.0″

While the Apostles looked up into the heavens, two angels stood beside them and said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go (Acts 1:11).

The making of The disrobing of Jesus Christ’ painting by V.Kelly

Am interpreting the Disrobing of Christ in Tradigital Art. (A traditional sketch enhanced in Photoshop). />The disrobing of Christ’
WIP 1 Image
First I block in the figure with a very rough sketch, on a rough paper sketchpad A4
WIP 2  Image
Then I spent a good few hours on the detail. So keeping to the style of the Master,sketched the eyes looking heavenward with long fingers and toes(as he does).

WIP 3 – close up detail – Image

I am thinking of painting more figures at a later date into a compilation of a large painting.
But the next step is to paint over in my digital studio.

WIP 4 –  Image
Added more detail to the drawing. Upped the contrast/ tone and then got ready to paint.
First I unlock the background layer so I can paint over the new layers without worrying about overlapping. I use the three skin tones to block in with (on multiply for transparency and normal for opacity) with my blending brush 63 with the smudge finger. Every colour must have a different layer. Blending is important the longer you take the better! Now am going on to the smudge tool softening and blending the hair and beard. Now I add red and blue to the skin tones and highlights. Using many more layers with the burning, dodging & mixing tools. I paint a background on canvas to portray the roman interior, then put on His halo.

Detail –   close-up

FINAL –  The disrobing of Jesus Christ
The disrobing of Jesus Christ; by V.Kelly