Sienna & Terre verde by Valerie Anne Kelly

Sienna by Valerie Anne Kelly

Source: Sienna by Valerie Anne Kelly

Sienna is a form of limonite clay most famous in the production of oil paint pigments. Its yellow-brown colour comes from ferric oxides contained within. As a natural pigment, it (along with its chemical cousins ochre and umber) was one of the first pigments to be used by humans, and is found in many cave paintings.

Orange in the true color of the sun. Orange has a freeing action upon the body and mind, relieving repressions.

Because orange is a blend of red and yellow, it combines physical energy with mental wisdom, inducing a transformation between lower physical reaction and higher mental response. Thus, it is often referred to as “The Wisdom Ray.”

Terre verde    Sienna

Terre verde                                                                 Sienna

The healing colour of green links with and stimulates the heart chakra. Therefore, it is, truly, representative of Spiritual Healing, because love is the motivating power behind all healing.

A matching pair to hang on your wall 🙂

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