Update on baby ducklings :D

Well it’s been a joy and a sorrow these last two & half months. Now they have all grown up and I miss them following me everywhere and getting under my feet! They used to waddle around the bungalow peeping everywhere,they would look out of their box in the morning at me (6 am) and what joy it was to see the little peep peeps. Then out in their pen in the garden for the day. Running around showing off and eating their mash and an occasional snail. Had a sort of swim in the paint roller tray but only washed their faces in the big pool. Back indoors before dark for more pellets and mash and what messy eaters they are! food all around the place and over them. Then what a kerfuffle bathtime (in my big bath) they took ages to learn to swim (thinking they were humans) gradually they stopped panicking and learnt to dive under. Then after dinner they would have a preen sitting at my feet making this most wonderful chirruping sound. Then 10pm back in their box for a good nights sleep.

Peep peeps
Peeps swimming

Look how they’ve grown and they can swim now,they’ve realized at last they’re not humans,but Ducks! They live in the big river now with all their new friends.They come everyday for their bread and wildfowl food. But they can’t fly yet,should be any day!
So am waiting patiently then they can fly up into the garden to see me. It’s about 3′ drop to the river even at high tide. I’m just hoping they don’t fly away it would break my heart.
But they will always be my little peep peeps lol!

Nearly flyingEvery time I see them they make my heart lift and fill me with joy.


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